When I hear my interlocutor again,
who twists his tongue on my name - I say:

Just Alice


Talking about yourself is, on the one hand, easy - you can point out your advantages, but on the other hand, it is difficult - you have to point out your disadvantages.

Following this path, I can confidently say that I am an open, confident and hard-working person. On the side of disadvantages I would put stubborn pursuit of goals, extravagance and talkativeness. The mixture of these features means that nothing is impossible for me (and certainly nothing that is not worth trying to achieve) and on the other hand - where the devil cannot, I run - well, maybe I go, because running is not my favorite sport.

I like professional challenges and the more things happen, the more satisfied I am with the results, but this is because both in life and at work I am guided by the principle "do what you love and the results will be perfect".



For a very long time I was convinced that I wanted to study law - to help people assert their rights and prove their innocence. The closer I got to the end of high school, the more I changed my mind and chose between Slavic studies, international relations and history.

I wanted to try everything, so I chose... journalism. I completed my bachelor's degree in this field at the University of Wrocław, but I defended my master's degree at the same university in the then fledgling field of public relations and corporate identity. I supplemented my university education with courses and training in the field of image, press advocacy and the usefulness of graphic programs in marketing.

And that's how I became a spokesperson for several brands from the new technology sector.



My professional experience includes over 10 years of work in public relations agencies in Wrocław.

I have been associated with Tabasco Media Communications for over 6 years, where I implement goals for the largest players in the field of new technologies.

I work closely with Western Digital (WD, WD_Black, SanDisk), OM Digital Solutions (Olympus Polska). I support activities for inkBook Europe, Xtorm, Profoto, Sigma, Marumi and Thule. Previously, I had the opportunity to work for QNAP and Goclever.

My tasks include planning and implementing PR and marketing strategies, but also organizing events, press conferences and product presentations. I run social media activities - primarily advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. It focuses on effective budget planning and spending.

During all my years of work, I have met fantastic journalists, not only from the technology sector, influential influencers, video creators and photographers. They are also travelers, passionate gamers and gadget lovers.

I organized several large events and smaller training courses and workshops, but also various product presentations (recently also virtual launch) and press conferences.

When working for Polish and international corporations, I value the opportunity to prepare individual PR strategy programs, flexible marketing task plans and event calendars.



After hours, I like to turn on "flight mode", turn off all notifications and go on a journey - regardless of whether it is a trip to the largest metropolis in Asia, to a paradise beach, to my parents' garden or to the highest peak of the Karkonosze Mountains. I just like to change the atmosphere from task-oriented to lazy.

I can't live without movies (and TV series), music (often film music), and books. I listen and watch a lot and often, sometimes too much, but all to separate the good from the bad. Literature is something for which I have much less time, but I try to catch up - I like to read biographies, new Polish prose and classics of general literature. I enjoy looking through albums with works of contemporary photography and street art, but I also like to focus my eyes on well-known works of art painted by masters.

My hobby is photography - amateur travel, city, landscape... all of them. I like to keep memories in my mind, but those saved on memory cards allow me to recall even very distant events and situations.


If you have a question or an offer of cooperation, I am waiting for a message from you:

Alicja Papadopolus has been associated with public relations agencies in Wrocław for 10 years, working mainly for technology companies. Passionate about photography and cinema.

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